Full Service Search

This recruitment search option offers a full and collaborative partnership for executive, leadership, physician, faculty, advanced practice provider, and allied health positions.

Through close interaction with you and your staff, Healthcare Recruitment Link (H-R-L):

  • Initiates each project with industry and market assessment survey data
  • Provides clients with compensation and recruitment incentive recommendations
  • Conducts a site visit with clients to understand organization culture and develop ideal candidate specifications
  • Targets prospective top-tier candidates by utilizing a combination of both active and passive platforms that are proven reliable:
    • Internet job boards, print ads and direct mail
    • Email, telephone, and text messaging campaigns 
    • Training programs and professional associations/societies
    • Social media 
    • Network of referral sources

Our work yields qualified candidates who we pre-screen for credentials, experience, and geographic preference/ties. With the Full Service Search option,    H-R-L:

  • Assists with managing the interview process and candidate site visits
  • Conducts reference interviews and provides written summaries
  • Facilitates contract and candidate agreement negotiations
  • Schedules search update conference calls every 2-4 weeks to review marketing/sourcing activities
  • Stands behind the search with a replacement search guarantee


Partial Service Search

Some organizations need a source of quality pre-screened candidates.

This is especially true when your organization already has dedicated recruitment staff adept at managing the candidate recruitment process, from interview to signing. If you need to fill one position or several in the same specialty, our Partial Service Search option may be a perfect fit within the boundaries of your time and budget.

Through close engagement with you and your staff, Healthcare Recruitment Link (H-R-L):

  • Conducts a conference call with key decision-makers to define the position, search process, and ideal candidate specifications
  • Manages the critical steps of identifying, screening, interviewing, and presenting only those candidates who represent a strong fit with your organization
  • Frees you to invest time reviewing only pre-screened candidates
  • Is nimble+engaging. We offer just-the-right-amount of support to achieve your recruitment goals, all within your staffing budget

Multispecialty Search

Filling a variety of provider specialties can be overwhelming, daunting, and costly.

If your organization has dedicated recruitment staff adept at managing multiple openings in several specialties, but requires a pipeline of vetted candidates, Healthcare Recruitment Link's (H-R-L's) Multispecialty Search is a cost-effective and efficient option. 

With Multispecialty Search, H-R-L  provides the same level of service as our Partial Service Search and is the option most cost-effective when you are recruiting two-or-more specialties.

  • Agreements are on a 6-, 12-, 18-, or 24-month basis
  • During the agreement, you may change the specialties being recruited as positions are filled and new vacancies are identified
  • Because we are creative+nimble, H-R-L will design a custom search process to meet your specific recruitment needs


Focused Unbundled Services

Whether enhancing a Partial Service or Multispecialty Search, or in lieu of a recruitment package altogether, Healthcare Recruitment Link (H-R-L) offers Focused Unbundled Services to provide a helping hand when you need it most.  

You have an opportunity to select one or more specific a la carte services. 

  • Market analysis and compensation reports
  • Marketing/advertising plan
  • Research/write comprehensive Position Description or Opportunity Announcements
  • Design and manage Internet job board postings
  • Design and manage print ads 
  • Design and manage direct mail pieces 
  • Create and deploy broadcast email campaigns
  • Conduct telephone calling campaigns
  • Conduct text messaging campaigns
  • Mine social media platforms 
  • Coordinate candidate site visits
  • Interview candidate references and provide written summary reports
  • Provide extended candidate guarantee period

Customized Solutions

Healthcare Recruitment Link offers customized solutions.

In addition to Full Service Search, Partial Service Search, and Multispecialty Search, our team welcomes the opportunity to work with you to develop a cost+effective solution to meet the specific needs of your organization.

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