Boutique Physician Search Firm vs. Big Box Search Firm

For your next physician or advanced practitioner recruitment project, have you considered the benefits of engaging a boutique healthcare search firm? When you hear the term “boutique healthcare search firm,” you may think of a small specialty firm offering unique, and often high-priced, services to a specialized clientele. Some even believe the larger the recruitment firm, the better their resources and access to candidates. In fact, bigger is not always better when it comes to healthcare search firms. With advanced technology, boutique search firms have the extensive candidate databases and resources utilized primarily by large search firms.

What Will it Cost to Recruit a Physician?

Recruiting a physician requires a significant financial investment. Recruiting the right physician from the outset will save considerable time and money. Many healthcare organizations are going a step further and taking a best practice approach to include onboarding and/or retention programs to protect their recruitment investment.

The Stunning Cost of Physician Turnover and Physician Vacancies

A vacant physician position, whether due to turnover or a challenging recruitment process, is a fact of life and growing concern for most healthcare organizations.

Hospice Care and Palliative Care - There is a Difference and There is an Acute Specialty Physician Shortage.

Hospice Care and Palliative Care protocols call for patients to receive a combined care approach regarding medications, day-to-day care, counseling, and symptom treatment.  Where they differ greatly is in the care location, timing, payment and eligibility for services.


Developing Effective, Resilient Leaders:  Part I

Blessed are the flexible, for they shall never be bent out of shape

Whether you are a follower of author Robert Ludlum or you more identify with the verse from Acts 16:1-24, there is a truism in effective, resilient leadership. It is found through bending without breaking.


Developing Effective, Resilient Leaders:  Part II

Bending without Breaking: It’s always a choice

In the first part of this series, Blessed are the Flexible, I addressed the truism in effective, resilient leadership. It is found through bending without breaking.


Your Effective Health Care Brand: Five Key Elements

Yes, you CAN gain a Distinct Advantage℠ in your health+care business

In high school freshman biology, my son’s class covered Charles Darwin’s theory of biological evolution. Following Darwin, eons of observation shows that organisms arise and develop through the natural selection of small, inherited variations that increase a species’ ability to compete, survive, and reproduce.


Transactional vs Transformational Leaders

Recognizing the value of leaders who go beyond just doing what they're told. When considering the difference between transactional vs. transformational leaders, the Rolling Stones had it (almost) right.


How ADEPT℠ Leaders Create Value

Over the past two years, V2V’s work has been to define our ADEPT℠ philosophy with our clients, helping them apply these concepts to the new business of health care. Our sole focus is to foster transformational, value-driven change because we believe so strongly in furthering the healing work that takes place in hospitals and medical clinics throughout the country.


Finding a “Fit” in Your Practice Administrator Search

Don’t Hire Bad Habits

One of the biggest challenges physicians and managers have is building their team with excellent engaged employees.  Many clients have come to me with a stack of resumes, looking for the perfect Practice Administrator (PA). 


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