Philosophy to CONNECT

At Healthcare Recruitment Link (H-R-L), we pledge innovative, ethical, and cost-effective recruitment services.

  • The tenets of healthcare recruitment excellence include healthcare industry functional knowledge and recruitment domain expertise; collaboration; stellar client service; responsive communication; and ethical practices
  • No matter how large or small the organization, how unique the opportunity, or how idyllic or challenging the community they serve, our clients and candidates deserve an excellent recruitment experience
  • We are driven to exceed client expectations with outstanding results
  • We are committed to strong, lasting client relationships

The H-R-L Philosophy

Our commitment goes beyond the notion of finding a warm body. We CONNECT clients with candidates who represent a long-term investment. This creates an essential, transformative experience in recruitment and retention.

 C = Collaborate with clients

Successful recruitment requires partnering with clients for consummate understanding of their staffing needs and goals.

  • Collaborate to understand client’s culture
  • Collaborate to understand client’s recruitment goals
  • Collaborate to develop a recruitment plan/process that best meets client’s goals/budget

 O = Optimize resources

Through optimization of an established and proven process, our service becomes more effective.    H-R-L brings industry functional knowledge and recruitment domain expertise to extend our reach in identifying top-tier candidates for best fit.

  • Optimize all resources available throughout the recruitment continuum
  • Optimize traditional and innovative tools to identify the right fit for each search project
  • Optimize client recruitment dollars to ensure finding the right candidate for those critical, hard-to-fill positions, whether in an urban, suburban, or rural setting

 N = Network with candidates

When implementing the recruitment plan and process, H-R-L is nimble. We go above and beyond to connect with prospective candidates nationwide in ways that are personal and reflect our commitment to reach the broadest audience.

  • Network with active candidates to generate interest in client opportunities
  • Network with passive candidates and referral sources to enhance outreach activities
  • Network to create a pipeline of candidates for future client opportunities

 N = Nurture relationships

H-R-L values relationships. We take time to engage with clients to understand their culture and recruitment needs. Building strong, positive relationships with clients fosters comfort, confidence, and respect throughout the recruitment process.

  • Nurture relationships by coaching clients and candidates throughout the recruitment process
  • Nurture relationships by providing clients the essential tools to evaluate best-fit, as well as providing necessary insight to develop a competitive offer
  • Nurture relationships through mentoring, guidance, and providing industry insight to create a results-focused, second-to-none recruitment experience

 E = Engage to attain results

We have learned that engaging with clients and candidates equals best results. You can depend on our responsive and astute communication and availability every step of the way.

  • Engaging key decision-makers in the recruitment planning process is integral to successful outcomes
  • Engaging with H-R-L ensures clients receive stellar service from their recruitment investment
  • Engaging candidates by creating a positive experience throughout the process equals        long-term results

 C = Cultivate communications

H-R-L focuses on cultivating communications for a better understanding of ideal candidate specifications and to garner a mutually agreed upon recruitment process. This alignment promotes a strong partnership with our clients and ensures a successful recruitment experience.

  • Cultivate understanding of client's strategic direction and long-term staffing goals
  • Cultivate agreement regarding best-fit, compensation, and recruitment incentives
  • Cultivate transparent communication and an inclusive environment throughout the recruitment process

 T = Transform the recruitment process 

An H-R-L fundamental goal is to provide a positive and best-practice recruitment experience. We understand that this is not just about the immediate position, but rather how the candidate fits with the organization long-term. 

  • Transform the organization and its community with new provider capacity
  • Transform the organization’s ability to compete in their service area/marketplace
  • Transform the candidate’s career

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