About Us

Transforming organizations, communities, careers, and the recruitment experience by linking top-tier candidates who align with an organization's culture and goals, resulting in long-term retention.

As founders of Healthcare Recruitment Link (H-R-L), we have a vision of what healthcare recruitment should be. This vision stems from a deeply-held belief that we can make a paramount difference in healthcare recruitment. This credence, along with our strong and highly-regarded work ethic and desire to offer stellar client service, served as the platform for the creation of H-R-L.

You will find some very distinct characteristics when engaging H-R-L. As business owners, we are committed to being hands-on and actively involved with each and every client, candidate, and search. Commitment, exceptional client service, results, value, and ethical practices are the key principles that define H-R-L and support our goal to exceed client expectations in every aspect of the recruitment process. Strong industry knowledge and recruitment expertise extends our reach, resulting in delighted clients and candidates, alike.

We engage with our clients and focus on understanding and meeting your organization's staffing goals with innovative solutions. Creative and nimble, our enterprise offers tailored search options, flexibility, and cost-effective services. H-R-L is mindful of your recruitment budget --keeping expenses to a minimum, allowing us to pass the savings to you.


We applaud creativity and innovation and support values over rules. 

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