• Healthcare Recruitment Link will CONNECT clients and top-tier candidates for pivotal opportunities, creating a transformative experience in recruitment and retention.

  • The H-R-L synergy of

    engaging + nimble,

    cost + effective,

    adaptive + teamwork

    creates customized + solutions

    that are just right for your healthcare organization. 

Healthcare Recruitment Link (H-R-L) is a women-owned healthcare recruitment firm which adheres to the fundamental principles of providing each-and-every client, large or small, stellar client service, cost-effective search options, prompt communication, and, above all else, steadfast focused attention. We devote ourselves to fully understanding and realizing the goals of clients and candidates alike.

We CONNECT clients and candidates to create transformative placement solutions, specializing in healthcare executive, physician, academics/faculty, advanced practice provider, and allied health search and recruitment consultation. H-R-L offers the expertise and resources of a large national firm with customized, engaging recruitment solutions that are tailored just for our clients.

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